Thank you for the lessons, 2016

I may have experienced a lot of failures, rejections and pain this year, but 2016 is still one of the best years of my life.

 This year, I decided to let go. Let go of my self-shame and insecurities. Let go of my dark thoughts. Let go of the person who I thought I’ll hold onto forever. Let go of broken promises and those people who belittled me. There are far better things than those who drowns you with sorrow. I started focusing on those people who brought color to my life, the mentors who woke me up with harsh lessons and paved career guidance on the way, and the closest people I have in life who cheered and rooted for me in everything that I do.

This year, I stopped being so afraid to shine in my own light. I stopped listening to the voices of others saying I can’t do it and I’m not good enough. I stopped allowing my doubts to draw me away from new challenges and new opportunities. I started focusing and believing in myself. I became deaf to negativity; spent every minute and hour turning off my negative thoughts, even when times get tough, even if things seem so hopeless, even if I can no longer see the light.

This year, I realized I’m worthy of everything. I’m worthy of the job I have right now. I’m worthy for the love of other people. I’m worthy to be the first choice of someone, to be a priority and not just some back-up plan. I’m worthy of someone who is 100% sure of me. I’m worthy to give an opinion and speak up my mind. I’m worthy to be loved and be trusted. I’m worthy of the things life has given me.

This year, I learned that it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to mess up because you can always start over tomorrow; you can always restart in a heartbeat. Those mistakes can make new opportunities to make you better and successful one day. I have washed away all the regrets I have in the past. I stopped looking back, and started looking forward.

I have a lot of unwise decisions this year but I don’t regret any of it. Maybe I needed to make those mistakes in order for me to get where I am standing today. Maybe those were the exact lessons that I need to learn.

This year is full of plot twists and roller coaster emotions, but it was incredibly fun. So, farewell to the bittersweet memories 2016 and bring it on 2017!